music for the short documentary film of the same title by  Theo Lipfert 

Cover of the DVD

for 2 violins and cello

Selected at the Northwest Film and Video Festival in Portland, Oregon for the 31st "Best of the Northwest Film & Video Festival" Tour

Recorded for the film by Kenneth Wright and Gregg Rice (violins), and Jim Smith (cello);
Recording engineer: Ray Tantzen (Studio at the Mackie Factory, Seattle, Washington);
Mastered by supervising sound editor: Jeremiah Slovarp (Jereco Studios, Bozeman, Montana)

(-) World premiere: 2004, The Warren Report, Seattle Art Museum, Washington
(-) World premiere broadcast: Thanksgiving 2004, 8:00 pm, KCTS TV Seattle, Washington
(-) California premiere: 2004, Digital Video Expo West, Los Angeles
(-) Southwest premiere: 2005, Dam Short Film Festival, Boulder City, Nevada
(-) Midwest premiere: 2005, The Big Muddy Film Festival, Carbondale, Illinois
(-) South Central premiere: 2005, Nashville Film Festival, Nashville, Tennessee
(-) European premiere: 2005, Filmstock International Film Festival, Luton, England
(-) DVD: Best of the 31st Northwest Film and Video Festival, 2005
(-) First Midwest broadcast: 2005, WSIU TV Carbondale, Illinois
(-) First Eastcoast broadcast: 2006, DUTV TV Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
(-) First Southeast broadcast: 2006, TECC TV Tampa, Florida

Protagonist  Hank Mishkoff on Taubman Sucks, the movie. 

 Wikipedia on Taubman Sucks