Case Study - Approaching "In A Heartbeat"

The 3rd video of YouTube playlist Camilla HOITENGA at eFlute Festival London 2020 in which Camilla Hoitenga talks about her interpretation of Stefan HAKENBERG's In A Heartbeat.

published on YouTube by Camilla Hoitenga in June 2021.


Stefan Hakenberg: la poetica e l’immaginario

Paolo NOTARGIACOMO's Diploma Accademico di 1° livello at the Scuola di Composizione of the Conservatorio di Musica "Benedetto MARCELLO", Venice about Stefan HAKENBERG's compositions Schafe Waschen, To Sovereign Thames Allied, and Magma Chambers.


Music and Psychoanalysis: Australian Composition Students in Germany

Article by Thomas REINER about the collaboration of composition students of Stefan HAKENBERG at Monash University in Melbourne, Victoria with the Ensemble Phorminx from Darmstadt, Germany in the concert project Lebenslinien 9 by visual artist Inge BESGEN.

published online by the Australian Music Center in June 2016.


Music and Coal: a Postcard from Germany

Article by Thomas REINER about current cultural affairs in Australia inspired by the world premiere of Stefan HAKENBERG's opera The Amputation of Charlie Sharp (libretto Philip GOUREVITCH) at Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany.

published online by Music Australia in August 2015.


Klang des Konflikts

Preview by Thomas WOLFF about the world premiere of Stefan HAKENBERG's opera The Amputation of Charlie Sharp (libretto Philip GOUREVITCH) in Essen, Germany.

published in Darmstädter Echo in October 2014.


Looking back at Orpheus: Opera and cultural integration

Article by Patricia Anne SIMPSON "exploring the goals, best practices, and outcomes of the Orpheus project, Schau nicht zurück, Orfeo! (Do Not Look Back, Orpheus!), that was organized around the principle of involving young adult learners in the creation and production of a work of art."

published in International Journal of Music Education 31(4) 442–453 in 2013.


Europas Junger Klang

Radio report by Gudrun STEGEN about Stefan HAKENBERG's work for the "Europas Junger Klang" festival in Witten, Germany, presented by the North Rhine-Westphalian State Council on Music and the European Capital of Culture Ruhr.2010.

broadcast by Deutsche Welle Radio in October 2010.


Weit die Fenster öffnen

Article by Heinz ZIETSCH about Stefan HAKENBERG after one year as Director of the Public Music School division of the Darmstadt Academy of Musical Arts.

published in Darmstädter Echo in February 2010.


Ways to a New Identity

Detailed description by Stefan HAKENBERG of his compositional process while composing Searching and Knowing, a dance piece for soprano and electronics.

unpublished manuscript 2009.


Scattered Thoughts on Scattered Melodies:
Sanjo in the 21st Century

Book chapter by Dr. Jocelyn CLARK including a discussion of Stefan HAKENBERG's five montages for koto, kayagum and changgu, and guzheng "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors." Dr. Clark is a founding member of the Asian zither ensemble "IIIZ+." She had commissioned the work and her ensemble has premiered it and performed it all around the world.

published in "Korean Musicology Series, 3" by The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts, Seoul, 2009.


Neuer Leiter für die städtische Musikschule

Ein Mann mit Visionen für die Musikschule

Wach, offen und hellhörig

Three articles about Stefan HAKENBERG as the new Director of the Public Music School division of the Darmstadt Academy of Musical Arts.

published in Frankfurter Rundschau and Darmstädter Echo respectively in June 2009.


The Impression of Eastern Zithers Musics in "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors"of German Composer, Stefan HAKENBERG

A masters thesis in musicology by LAI Yi-Chieh presented to the Taipei National University for the Arts in June 2008. The text is in Chinese and includes a comprehensive interview with Stefan HAKENBERG in English.


LEE YunKyung's "Space Tuning"

A short essay by Stefan HAKENBERG on listening to a sound installation.

part of the documentation material of the first showing of "Space Tuning" in Seoul, September 2001.


Interkulturelle Montage

Ein kurzer Erfahrungsbericht von Stefan HAKENBERG hinsichtlich der Resonanz von Spielern und Hörern auf seine Interkulturelle Montage "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors".

veröffentlicht in "Positionen" Heft 49, pp 29-30; November 2001, Mühlenbeck


Considering a Player's Cultural Background

An essay by Stefan HAKENBERG on the aesthetics of cross-cultural diversity in composing music for musicians of diverse cultural backgrounds.

presented October 2000 at the jointly held Second International Symposium on Cultural Comparison of East and West and the Fifth International Asian Music Conference organized by the Korean National Commission for UNESCO and the Asian Music Research Institute at Seoul National University

Unter dem Titel Zusammenspiel ist eine überarbeitete Fassung dieses Artikels erschienen in "Positionen" Heft 48, pp 34-37, August 2001, Mühlenbeck



Ein Artikel von Stefan HAKENBERG über den Einfluß des Komponierens mit Amateuren, wie zum Beispiel im "Kinderkreuzzug", auf spätere Kompositionen, wie "Three Zithers and a Pair of Scissors" und "Jacques" und auf die Ideen hinter der südoastalaskanischen neue Musik Organisation "CrossSound."

veröffentlicht in "Positionen" Heft 39, pp 39-42; Mai 1999, Mühlenbeck